What Do Coins Left On Military Headstones Mean?
Have you ever been in a military cemetery and saw coins laying on a headstone? Apparently there is a special meaning to the coins and I love the symbolism.  Read more, so you can know what each coin means, and maybe as you visit a soldier's final resting place this Memorial Day, you can le…
Congrats to North America’s Coolest Downtown
We all love our little town of Boise. Idaho's "secret jem" might still be somewhat secret, but it won't be the more people keep showing love for our beloved hometown.
The Treasure Valley continues to make top lists over and over again - which is either good or bad depending on who you talk …
If You Don’t Like Camping Why Not Try Idaho Glamping
I love to camp, but I hate to rough it. My Idea of roughing it is not having room service. Forget the crappy tent and sleeping bag and bugs ewww..who needs it. But did you know Idaho has a bunch of glamping options? You know camping that's glamorous...even luxurious in some cases

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