Mountain Coaster Set to Open at Bogus Basin
Bogus Basin is celebrating their 75th anniversary this year and Bogus has some new summer activities and attractions to help you celebrate…things such as a new mountain coaster where riders will descend more than 2400 feet. But that’s not all…..
Don’t Use Without Reading This First
This is absolutely crazy and hard to believe, but you don't want to use the DNA testing service without actually reading the Terms of Service. According to these legal contracts once you sign up to have Ancestry test your DNA, they own it!  Wait, what?
What Do Coins Left On Military Headstones Mean?
Have you ever been in a military cemetery and saw coins laying on a headstone? Apparently there is a special meaning to the coins and I love the symbolism.  Read more, so you can know what each coin means, and maybe as you visit a soldier's final resting place this Memorial Day, you can le…

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