LITE FM for the Idaho Lottery Holiday Raffle!
Tonight, 107.9 LITE FM's Kevin Mee was at the Stinker station on the corner of Eagle rd. and McMillan! The Idaho Lottery hosted a holiday raffle for anyone who is considered legally eligible. With every lottery ticket sold, participants were given extra bonus scratch cards, and even in-store pr…
LITE FM Ties Blankets for the WCA!
Today, 107.9 LITE FM's Brenda Mee was at Kendall Ford in Meridian for part of '12 Days of Caring'. Many listeners stopped by to help Brenda reach the goal of 100 tie blakets! Every blanket that was made was promptly donated to the Women's and Children's Alliance in Boise...
Winter Lights Parade
Meridian glowed last night as the 3rd Annual Winter Lights Parade took place with Kevin & Brenda Mee of 107.9 Lite FM and Mayor Tammy de Weerd. Check out all the fun in the photos below!
Christmas Music Kickoff at RC Willey!
RC Willey hosted the 107.9 LITE FM Christmas music kickoff at their showroom off of Eagle Rd. and Franklin! Kevin and Brenda gave away some pretty cool prizes. There was even an appearance from the big man himself, Santa Clause! He and the Mrs...

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