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Which of These Five Chain Restaurants Would You Like to See in Boise?
Every once in awhile we get a whiff of something cool coming to the Treasure Valley like an In N' Out Burger or an IKEA. With all the building and growth we have here in the Boise area it's only a matter of time before these places start hitting us up. So which one of these five popular …
Idaho Kids Choose Their Favorite Spooky Movie
At Halloween, the key for kids' movies might be that they're not too spooky. Just enough cute fright is festive, and it won't keep the kids up in the wee hours with nightmares. Did Idaho kids follow the trend?
Boise State Dedicates Its Newest Residence Hall
Boise State has its largest honors class in history, and they've got a new residence hall option that was just dedicated this week to help handle the growth.

Oh, and it's more than just the honors students that get to settle in to the sweet new digs.
No More Boise Hawks?
Talks about re-branding the Hawks are on and part of that rebranding is a name change. According to BoiseDev.com ideas floating around are the Boise Chukars, Boise Rapids, Boise Rocks -- and even Boise Sheepherders.

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