Christmas Wish

A Look Inside Christmas Wish
Thank you for being so generous with your gifts to LITE-FM's Christmas Wish this year.  Here's a look at some of what happened during our Miracle Marathon.
Christmas Wish 12: Natalie
Cassandra nominated her sister-in-law Natalie for a Christmas Wish.  This mother of 6 is off of work without maternity leave and, though her husband is now employed, his time without work has made things extra tight.
Christmas Wish 11: Aimee
Aimee has been battling a terminal illness (as is one of her two daughters).  Her neighbor Jennifer just wanted to her to have a moment not to stress and instead make some memories for Christmas this year.  Wish granted.
Christmas Wish 10: JoEllen
JoEllen lost her husband to a heart attack a couple years ago, leaving her a widow raising two daughters and a son.  She wanted a special way to remember him.
Christmas Wish 7 – Carin
This is Carin, her husband, and daughter.  Shanell, her sister-in-law nominated her for a Christmas Wish.  This family of 6 has been dealing with Carin's brain tumor, surgery, and treatment, and they haven't had the results they hoped for.
Our Christmas Wish
Brenda and I love being able to do "Christmas Wish." For us it's a bit of a chance to kind of give back.  The story you're about to read is true, it will probably freak out our legal team, but what happened and the people involved are real.
Christmas Wish 6 – Sharon
Today's Christmas Wish recipient is Sharon, a woman has had both legs amputated and was sleeping on the couch with not bed.  That is, until today, when her wish was granted.

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