Boise State Kicks of the New Semester with Welcome Week
The first week back at Boise State is a chance for students to get into a groove with new classes and routines, but there are plenty of fun routine breakers happening this week too, like pizza parties and bowling events. If you're out of school now, were your college days like this?
This Flu Season is no Joke
If it hasn't hit you, there's no doubt someone in your home, workplace, or circle of friends has probably been down with the flu this year, and it's more sever than usual.
Alabama #1 Boise State #22 in AP Football Poll
The final AP College football poll for the 2017 season is out and as expected Alabama is number one following their 26-23 OT win against Georgia in the National Championship game. The top five is as follows: Alabama, Georgia, Oklahoma, Clemson and Ohio State...

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