I did some research and here's what I discovered:

Chalk it up to Hollywood influence (or maybe just some throwback to caveman days) but apparently large, full luscious lips are instinctive indicators of femininity and youthfulness.  In fact in a study that was done with a bunch of men it was revealed that they found women with fuller lips to be more attractive and that thinner lips = older and less attractive.  So, women have picked up on that idea.  Big and puffy lips must then = sexier and younger.   Must be something to it - just ask any CEO of a billion dollar cosmetic company - they've had this figured out for decades.

This big lip thing is NOT something that I personally am on board with.  As long as my lips are healthy meaning not sunburned, swollen or covered with cold sores - I'm good.  A little tinted lip gloss or my ever present tube of Blistex and I'm good.  Full Disclosure:   I am not a single woman on the prowl looking to stake my claim on a new mate...if I was maybe all of this would hold some sort of fascination for me...

However, if you are wanting to amp up your lips...please don't do the "Kylie Jenner Challenge" instead at least take at look at these safe ways to get that pouty look:  click here