I'm going through a divorce right now, so this video hits home.  If you've dealt with divorce in any way, I'm guessing it will mean something to you too.

This 6 year-old, Tiana, is asking her mom if she and her former husband can "just be friends."  This little girl is incredibly well spoken, clearly very bright, and I suspect communicating what most kids feel during divorce.

To see more on this, check out BDCwire's story HERE.

I have a 7 year-old son, he's shared similar sentiments, and it's my hope that his mom and I will be able to honor that request and give him that experience.  Divorce is difficult and definitely introduces a number of new situations and realities, but I think this is a great reminder of what matters most.

If you've walked through this, I'm very interested to hear how you overcame any hurdles to be "friends" and create a healthy collaborative relationship?